MyLabrador Puppy Reservation

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MyLabrador's is a Professional Breeding for the selection of Labrador Retriever in the 3 colors (YELLOW, BLACK and CHOCOLATE), recognized by bothENCI (Ente Nazionale Cinofilia Italiana) and FCI (Federazione Cinologica Internazionale), with health authorization IT022FC037 issued by the ASL of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

MyLabrador Puppy Reservation

For the many requests we receive, the waiting time can be very long, even up to 6 months.

By our ethological choice, out of respect for our dogs and the families who choose us, despite the many requests, we do not breed battery litters and these are always scheduled only by reservation and cognitive meeting.

How booking a MyLabrador puppy is done

Be wary of those who organize puppy births in breeding as a continuous cycle factory with 5/6 litters every month.

If you want to reserve a MyLabrador's puppy, a CONOSCIENTIAL VISIT at our headquarters in Emilia Romagna is mandatory, and only after that, if the right conditions are met, you will receive the RESERVATION CONTRACT and the subsequent PAYMENT OF THE CONFIRMATORY CAPARITY.

This meeting allows you to get to know us: we will explain everything about the puppy, get to know its parents, their character and understand the importance of the proper natural feeding (not kibble), the use of natural pesticides, and how to approach vaccinations consciously with antibody titration.

If you think distance is a problem or that you don't have time and ask for a puppy from those available (we never have puppies available): sorry but it doesn't work that way with us!

You are not buying a bag on Amazon, you are about to bring into your family a living thing that will be with you in your life for 15 years, so a few hours of traveling to learn about its history should not be a problem.

Adopting a purebred puppy should not be an impulsive purchase: often those who want a puppy would like it right away, but we feel that "gut" purchases are often never well reasoned and do not allow you to get to know the breeder thoroughly, a figure who will always remain available for any advice for life.

Price of a MyLabrador puppy

The price of our puppies may vary depending on the type of request (COMPAGNIA or REPRODUCTION) stated in the transfer contract.

Tutti i nosti cuccioli vengono ceduti solo dopo 90 giorni di vita con puppy kit, libretto sanitario, ciclo completo di vaccinazioni, test di valutazione caratteriale, contratto di cessione (da compagnia), iscrizione anagrafe canina, documentazione sanitaria, pedigree ENCI di altissima genealogia, test genetici su 7 patologie ereditarie con DNA depositato e certificazione ufficiale controllo displasia HD/ED dei genitori a 1800 € + IVA (2000 € + IVA cuccioli Redfox)

By our, deliberate, "ethological choice," all our puppies are sold only after the 12th week of life (90-100 days) with the full course of socialization and vaccination cycle (3 vaccinations).

The reservation of one of our puppies can be confirmed only after a personal cognitive meeting at our premises or via a videocall (Zoom, Whatsapp, Meet) if distance does not allow.

Male Chocolate "Play Mor Itz No My First Rodeo"

Parental health certifications

Checking hip dysplasia (HD), elbow dysplasia (ED), and testing for inherited genetic disorders.

DNA deposited in ENCI

Official checks for hip dysplasia (HD) and elbow dysplasia (ED)

Degenerative myelopathy (DM)

Hereditary myopathy (CNM)

Exercise-induced collapse (EIC)

Hereditary nasal parachatosis (HNPK)

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (prcd-PRA)

Retinal Dysplasia (OSD)

Skeletal Dysplasia - Dwarfism (SD2)

Cloak Color (Locus)

All our puppies, regardless of color and/or sex, are to be considered "pet" (unless otherwise agreed upon; e.g. show; breeding).

We are extremely attentive to the selection of the future owner (individual and family), their lifestyle and the environment in which one of our puppies will live.

This, in order to assess the compatibility and sustainability of the commitment required to manage a puppy (and future dog). For this purpose, these must be people we consider suitable to care for and live closely with a puppy.

We do not discriminate against anyone: the goal is only to "optimize" the quality of coexistence of the "human-dog" pair (in the interest of both the family and our puppies).

How the choice of a puppy is made

Remember that the first choice is always the breeder's in the case of a very promising subject at the breeding/expo.

Choosing a puppy is not easy, but a breeder will be able to recommend the right dog to the right person or family; no one can know puppies as well as the one who has seen them born, weaned and raised them.

In the beginning, puppies are all the same, but around 45 to 50 days old, each subject will have unique and distinguishable morphological and character traits that will continue to change-which is why we do not release puppies until after 90 days (3 months).

This choice obviously involves much more expense, time, and sacrifice than those who give them up for only 60 days.

Very often the breeder is asked for a priority of choice, but it is difficult for the untrained eye to distinguish one subject from another, and also complicated to make a character choice.

Often the puppy who approaches first is labeled as the liveliest one in reality perhaps the liveliest one has just finished playing and is sleeping blissfully in the corner of the whelping crate and the shyest one is thought to be the one who does not approach, but this is not always the case.

Another "key" characteristic for choice is size. The largest puppy is always the most coveted and desired; the smallest is the one to be avoided. Instead, it often happens that the small one becomes the most morphologically correct and the large one the coarsest.

This is to say that the ideal way to choose a puppy is to always consult with the breeder and possibly follow his advice.

Another important thing, more than the puppies (which are always beautiful) look at the parents (both if possible even if very often the stud is in another cattery) and remember that the goal of the breeder is always to breed better subjects than the parents; so if the parents are already of quality the choice of puppies can be made almost "with eyes closed."

MyLabrador's Black Puppy