Welcome Puppy Kit

We are proud to offer our clients a complete and rewarding experience when they adopt one of our puppies.

Each puppy comes with an incredible “Puppy Kit” that will help you take optimal care of your new four-legged friend.

Our “Puppy Kit” includes everything you need to get off to the best start on this new adventure.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the MyLabrador Puppy Kit:

  • Stainless steel bowls (aciq and gruel) to ensure your puppy always has access to fresh food and water.
  • Training collar and leash to start educating your puppy right away.
  • Personalized dog tags complete the set, ensuring that your puppy is always identifiable and safe.
  • To care for your puppy’s coat, we have included a glove brush for gentle and effective grooming.
  • The play-kong is perfect for keeping your puppy occupied and stimulating his mind.
  • In addition, we provide hygienic bags to keep your surroundings clean during walks.
  • As for your puppy’s health and well-being, we offer 100% natural chews to satisfy his chewing instincts
    Cleaning wipes
  • Natural training treats, free of additives and preservatives.

But we don’t stop there!

We want to be by your side throughout your puppy’s growth and throughout his entire life.

We offer free ongoing behavioral and nutritional counseling for the entire litter of our puppies!

You will have access to a dedicated litter WhatsApp group where you can share experiences, receive advice and support from our large MyLabrador family.

We are here for you, ready to provide all the support you need to ensure a happy and healthy life for your puppy.

By choosing one of our puppies, you not only get an adorable companion, but you become part of a family that cares about you and your four-legged friend.

Puppy Kit MyLabrador