Natural Supplements

glenk vital reico 1

Glenk-Vital for joints and infections

Glenk-Vital is the extra portion of micronized algae ideal for keeping your dog's joints healthy, but not only that: this herbal blend is ideal for subjects with infectious pathologies (cuts, wounds, post-surgery, fever, recovery from sports…
naturkraft pro 1 reico

Naturkraft Pro-1: the king of gut and blood oxygenation supplements

Naturkraft Pro-1 is the result of meticulous research conducted by pharmacists, biologists and physiotherapists over a long period of time. This product is manufactured using state-of-the-art production technologies and methods designed to…
naturkraft pro 5 reico

Naturkraft Pro-5 for intestinal flora and digestive process

Reico Naturkraft PRO-5 è un integratore di probiotici basato su una combinazione di ingredienti naturali, tra cui erbe, frutta, verdura e lievito per stabilizzare la flora intestinale.
joint vital integratore articolazioni

Joint Vital: the best supplement for joints and cartilage

Joint and cartilage supplement: In this article we will discuss Joint-Vital, in our opinion, the best supplement to support the entire musculoskeletal system of your puppy or elderly Labrador (also suitable in cats). Joint-Vital has a beneficial…
integratore allattamento Naturkraft Pro 2

Naturkraft Pro-2: growth supplement (skeleton and lactation)

In this article we discuss Naturkraft Pro-2, an excellent supplement for debilitation, poor growth and lactation situations in puppies. Naturkraft Pro-2 is the perfect elixir for the skeletal well-being, growth, strengthening, pregnancy and…
aufbau vital plus reico

Aufbau Vital Plus: puppy joint supplement

Integratore 100% naturale grazie al suo equilibrio minerale e alghe micronizzate, protegge e rafforza il sistema immunitario, il microbiota intestinale impedendo lo sviluppo di parassiti (ideale per chi segue una dieta crudista/barf).