Naturkraft Pro-2: growth supplement (skeleton and lactation)

integratore allattamento Naturkraft Pro 2

In this article we discuss Naturkraft Pro-2, an excellent supplement for debilitation, poor growth and lactation situations in puppies.

Naturkraft Pro-2 is the perfect elixir for the skeletal well-being, growth, strengthening, pregnancy and lactation of your beloved pets.

Its unique formula combines herbs, yeasts, trace elements, algae, B vitamins, minerals and amino acids to ensure optimal bone and tooth development and abundant milk production for lactating animals – also ideal for recovery after periods of restriction and physical stress.

Naturkraft: your ally for the health and vitality of your pets

Here’s why you should choose our Naturkraft products:

  • Quality ingredients: selected herbs, defibrated and micromilled for fast and effective assimilation
  • Gentle production: an innovative process that keeps the temperature below 36°C, preserving the active ingredients
  • Versatility: mix Naturkraft with their favourite food or give it pure
  • Natural restorative: ideal after veterinary treatment or as an adjuvant
  • Recommended by professionals: many veterinarians, nutritionists and breeders already recommend Naturkraf

Vitalità e salute con Naturkraft Pro-2

All pet owners have sooner or later had to deal with an important problem, which can often occur in the life of our faithful friend, namely a state of debilitation and weakness, which affects his mood and psychophysical balance.

Debilitation can be a particularly debilitating condition and not infrequently can also lead to consequences of a certain severity, such as a lowering of the immune defences; this state should not be underestimated, as it can easily trigger the onset of various pathologies, which can afflict our pet with varying degrees of severity.

One of the main tenets of being a good pet owner is, in fact, to constantly observe your pet on a daily basis and pick up on its changes and alterations in its state of health.

Debilitation can be a condition generated by many heterogeneous problems; our four-legged friend may be in a condition of considerable weakness due to pharmacological treatment that is particularly exhausting for his organism, or this affliction may be linked to a post-operative state, a decidedly delicate period that requires special care on the part of the owner.

The debilitation, however, can also be linked to less dangerous situations, such as pregnancy, post-partum or excessive exertion by the puppies’ mother and incurring postpartum hypocalcaemia, for example.

The use of pets is now a well-established practice in many human activities: rescue, hunting and search dogs perform, today as in the past, fundamental functions in daily life, and the high stresses to which they are subjected must be managed by the right mix of nutrition and supplements.

Supplements, in fact, play an essential role in coping with debilitation.

Nutrition alone is in many circumstances insufficient to ensure the proper replenishment of all necessary nutrients, some of which are indispensable for restoring psycho-physical balance.

The right mix of nutrition and supplements

Finding the right mix of nutrition and supplements is not easy. This balance must change not only according to our pet’s life cycles, but also in relation to the state of pregnancy or any problems and illnesses that may affect its well-being.

As mentioned above, a fundamental role is played by the owner, who not only has to observe and assess the state of his pet’s health judiciously, but must also know how to choose the most appropriate food and supplements for his little friend.

A mistake not to be made is to rely on the advice of non-experts or, even worse, on generic indications from the web.

Our dog’s exhaustion may in fact be linked to problems that are sometimes difficult to detect; relying, therefore, on the advice of inexperienced people can really jeopardise our four-legged friend’s health.

A winning choice is certainly that of relying on those who have been studying the well-being and health of animals for years.

The philosophy of these supplements, with its cutting-edge methodologies and meticulous choice of raw materials, is one of the main options we recommend when there is a need for the right beneficial contribution to strengthen our pet’s health.

The supplements we use in our herd are the result of the experience of a trained team, consisting of pharmacists, biologists and physiotherapists, who, after careful studies, have designed the most effective product taking into account the needs of each animal.

The preparation of each supplement is then carried out using sophisticated techniques, which are aimed at fully preserving the nutritional characteristics and qualities of each individual component used.

Naturkraft Pro-2: ideale in debilitazione, crescita e allattamento

Naturkraft Pro-2: skeletal wellbeing

The best supplement to combat debilitation and to cope with the growth and lactation phase is definitely Naturkraft Pro-2.

This food supplement consists of carefully chosen herbs that have a very small percentage of raw fibrous component and are then subjected to grinding in order to be made micro-fine, a characteristic that makes them 80% assimilable by animals.

Naturkraft Pro-2 is presented in granular form, an aspect achieved by means of an innovative and decidedly gentle method, which never causes the raw materials used to be heated above 36°C, which is essential for the active ingredient in them to remain intact.

This supplement can be used in puppies and pregnant mothers, perhaps in combination with Aufbau Vital Plus, which brings many benefits to the intestinal microbiota.

This supplement, which can be considered to all intents and purposes a completely natural product, can be mixed with any type of food or taken on its own, in pure form.

Naturkraft Pro-2 is the best answer to our dog’s or cat’s state of fatigue and exhaustion, being a valuable ally in dealing with a variety of situations that can affect our faithful friend’s physical and mental well-being.

This supplement, in fact, is useful for restoring our pet’s full health, when it has recently undergone surgery or a very stressful pharmacological treatment, but it can also be of help to those animals subjected to heavy exertion during the day.

It is also particularly suitable for animals that are in the lactation period, so that milk production is copious and of high quality, without compromising the well-being of the animal, which is particularly subject to stress in this delicate phase of life.

Finally, Naturkraft Pro-2 is also very useful for all those animals that are still in the development phase; thanks to its valuable components, this product will facilitate and improve the development and strengthening of the skeleton and muscles, thus promoting the growth of our little playmate.

One of the distinguishing elements of the Naturkraft Pro-2 supplement is magnesium. This mineral plays a decisive role in maintaining the health of our faithful friend, as it affects the animal’s mood, making it stable, but above all, it has an important impact on strengthening the teeth, shining the coat and restoring the energy consumed during the day.

Another important element present is calcium; this important mineral is essential for the growth and strengthening of bones, not only allowing them to develop properly, but also supporting the joints in the best possible way in the face of the stresses produced during daily activities, and ensuring the general strengthening of the teeth.

The Naturkraft Pro-2 supplement is also good for restoring normal phosphorus levels, an element considered essential for the proper functioning of the kidneys, organs responsible for the disposal of toxins through the urine, and for promoting muscle contractions; we are therefore faced with a formidable ally for ensuring the correct movement of our pet, as well as indispensable for restoring the regularity of the heartbeat.

Naturkraft Pro-2: composition and dosage

The highlight, however, of the Naturkraft Pro-2 supplement is an extraordinary composition of microfine herbs (nettle, horsetail, fenugreek, anise, fennel, lemon balm, liquorice, peppermint, sweet clover, rosemary, meadowsweet, thyme, star anise, satureia sage, verbena, sea buckthorn, cinchona, tussilagus, devil’s claw, gentian, basil, cinnamon, caraway, blackcurrant, cardoon, coriander, fumaria, ginger, marjoram, ginseng) and algae, which, together with the presence of multiple vitamins (A, D3, E, C, K, B1, B2, B6, D. B12), play an extraordinary role in restoring energy, developing bones and teeth and ensuring good milk production in lactating animals.

Naturkraft Pro-2 is an exceptional support both in the weeks before and after pregnancy, helping to improve milk production and replenish all the nutrients needed before and after delivery.

Naturkraft Pro-2 is administered every 2 to 4 times a week and can easily be combined with any type of meal.

Its natural composition does not have any contraindications; it is therefore an excellent restorative for any animal that finds itself in a state of particular exhaustion and fatigue, protecting it from various types of stress factors of environmental origin.

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